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Sal. Oppenheim

Sal. Oppenheim

The Sal. Oppenheim private bank is an exclusive asset management firm with more than 200 years of history. An independent bank within the Deustche Bank corporation, Sal. Oppenheimer offers solutions to private individuals and institutions needing consultancy in all aspects of asset management.

Design and realisation of customer gifts

We wanted our design of the customer gifts for the Sal. Oppenheimer bank to reflect their 200-year tradition while incorporating modern aspects of design. We devised some appropriate gifts presented in fancy packaging, such as in a rose wood box with sleeve, special folding packaging, or a wooden box for Kölsch beer glass holders and bottles featuring logo branding, with every aspect of the design process being overseen by us.

SAL. OPPENHEIM - Messingschilder
SAL. OPPENHEIM - Bridgekasten offen
SAL. OPPENHEIM - Bridgekasten mit Banderole
SAL. OPPENHEIM - Diverse Kisten
SAL. OPPENHEIM - Kölschkiste offen
SAL. OPPENHEIM - Kölschgläser
SAL. OPPENHEIM - Silikonarmband Schachtel
SAL. OPPENHEIM - Silikonarmband Schachtel