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Rolf Benz Haus

The Rolf Benz furnishing brand has become synonymous with comfortable seating and innovative furniture design since 1964. Rolf Benz sofas are well known for being exceedingly comfortable and are made using authentic German craftmanship.
Our work for Rolf Benz Haus in Cologne was commissioned by the operator, the Bartel homeware store.

Developing of the official opening campaign for Rolf­Benz­Haus in Cologne

For the opening of the Rolf Benz Haus in Cologne, we realised an advertising campaign, outdoor advertisements and came up with classic display designs. The goal was to reach their discerning customers on an emotional level using top notch imagery on XXL banners, printed adverts and email campaigns. The other intention of the campaign was to awaken people’s desire for modern yet timeless interior furnishings.

Rolf Banz Haus - Karten
Rolf Banz Haus
Rolf Banz Haus - Anzeige
Rolf Banz Haus - Anzeige WamS