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The HUGO BOSS corporation is a world leader in premium, luxury clothing. The company is headquartered in Metzingen and focusses on producing and marketing exclusive designer clothing and accessories for men and women.

POS design, lookbooks and packaging for HUGO BOSS

The HUGO BOSS shoe and accessory line needed a concept, which we developed to enable the corporate design to be transferred to showrooms and to the products themselves. We found it important to give their exclusive products enough room to speak for themselves when designing the lookbooks and sales documentation. A draft was created which was adapted for displayers, POS displays and the packaging design of care products.

Hugo Boss - Katalog HUGO
Hugo Boss - Katalog HUGO
Hugo Boss - HUGO Aufsteller
Hugo Boss - HUGO Showroom
Hugo Boss - Schuhe 2
Hugo Boss - Katalog BOSS
Hugo Boss - Plakat
Hugo Boss - Accesories
Hugo Boss - Ordner Schuhe
Hugo Boss - Ordner
Hugo Boss - Belts-Ordner
Hugo Boss - Boss Schuhpflege
Hugo Boss - Dosen
Hugo Boss - Boss Bürsten
Hugo Boss - Boss Pflege