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Hofer KG (ALDI Österreich)

Hofer KG

Hofer/Aldi Süd AT is Austria’s favourite food retailer. For 50 years, the company has been bringing together a carefully selected range of high quality foods at low prices. Customers, employees and business partners take centre stage in everything the Hofer company does.
Our work for Hofer/Aldi Süd AT was commissioned by WWI s.r.o.

Packaging design for a Hofer cosmetics brand

Our goal was to create a fresh new design for a product made by Ombia Cosmetics. We designed clear, modern packaging for the Hofer/Aldi Süd AT cosmetics brand which is easily adaptable for specific product types.

Hofer - Kartonage
Hofer - Olive
Hofer - Abschminktuch Granatapfel
Hofer - Abschminktuch Mandel