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hair academy

hair academy

The Hairacademy was brought into existence to offer comprehensive training to staff of the hairdressing chain, JP Haircompany. JP Haircompany is present in Germany at 160 locations and uses its Hairacademy to conduct regular training sessions to ensure their hairdressers are fully qualified.

Developing corporate design for Hairacademy

Inspired by the fresh and professional Hairacademy concept, we devised the entire corporate design for the company. We transposed this into various formats during the design process: flyers, logos, office equipment, outdoor advertising, banners and studio design elements.

JP hairacademy - Visitenkarten
JP hairacademy - Banner
JP hairacademy - Flyer
JP hairacademy - Leuchtreklame
JP hairacademy - Eingang
JP hairacademy - T-Shirt
JP hairacademy - Edelstahl-Logo