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At their showroom in Cologne, CarCom24 specialises in selling one year-old cars and second-hand cars in general. Customers of CarCom24 can enjoy a wide selection of top quality vehicles ranging from hatchbacks through to saloons.

Designing the entire brand presence for CarCom24’s Cologne showroom

Our first task for CarCom24’s Cologne showroom was to redesign the logo, which we then used to create layouts for the office furnishings, ceiling displays, banners and large-format outdoor advertising facilities.

CarCom24 - Fahnen
CarCom24 - Visitenkarten
CarCom24 - Briefbogen und Briefhülle
CarCom24 - Deckenhänger
CarCom24 - Logo
CarCom24 - Nummernschild
CarCom24 - Briefhülle