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German Brand Award

BRAINBOW specialises in the creation of special, individually tailored advertising gifts. For the last 20 years, BRAINBOW has been providing consulting services to companies and agencies, developing concepts, and creating the perfect products, thus covering the entire advertising spectrum.

Deutscher Agenturpreis

Logo redesign as well as complete support for BRAINBOW

The BRAINBOW design needed to be a touch more contemporary and, above all, clearer. With this in mind, the logo was developed around the “brain” theme, including the colour scheme and font. We then adopted this concept for the corporate decor, as well as for the responsive website.

Our design was awarded with the German Brand Award 2018 in the category "Excellence in Brand Strategy, Management and Creation - Brand Design" with the title "Special Mention" for the design and development of the corporate design.

Our work was awarded with the German Design Award 2019 in the category "Excellent Communications Design / Corporate Identity" with the "Special Mention" award. Jury statement: The new word mark looks very modern and pleasantly open, whereby the reduction to the "O" as a picture mark works very well and thus ensures a high level of recognition.

CO&CO SELECTED: Our design was selected, published and awarded by the corporate design magazine CO&CO!

We were awarded with the Deutscher Agenturpreis 2019 in the category B2B / Corporate Design.

Brainbow - Logo Redesign
Brainbow - Logo Redesign
Brainbow Stempel
Brainbow - Umschlag
Brainbow Visitenkarten
Brainbow BB
Brainbow Window
Brainbow CD