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Bauhaus - Reinigungstücher


The Bauhaus brand was founded in 1960 and soon became an established specialist for workshop, home and garden supplies. The brand brings together a variety of specialist product ranges under one roof and has always remained true to its founding principles - top quality, low prices and ease of access.
Our work for the Bauhaus brand was commissioned by WWI s.r.o.

Packaging design for the Bauhaus proprietary brand

We adopted the packaging design of Bauhaus cleaning products for the chain’s own brand. After drafting the basic layout, we decided on how to differentiate each of the product groups through various packaging designs.

Bauhaus - Reinigungstücher Hobby
Bauhaus - Reinigungstücher Kartonage
Bauhaus - Reinigungstücher CarClean
Bauhaus - Reinigungstücher CarClean Felg
Bauhaus - Reinigungstücher HomeClean Boden
Bauhaus - Reinigungstücher HomeClean Küche
Bauhaus - Reinigungstücher HomeClean