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The Bärenapotheke in Dormagen Horrem with its Bären-Express makes you strong as a bear for your health.

Overall care of the Bärenapotheke

For the new corporate design of the pharmacy we started with the logo, the central theme was the bear logo. Based on this design, we created a wide variety of advertising materials, such as business cards, loyalty cards with adhesive dots, gift vouchers and birthday cards as well as a poster campaign. This was rounded off by a photo shoot on site. Based on the appearance, a separate logo was created for the in-house delivery service Bären-Express. This has found application in advertisements, flyers, vehicle lettering, buttons and stickers.

Awarded the “Co&Co Selected” from Germany's leading specialist magazine for corporate design.

Bärenapotheke - Visitenkarten
Bärenapotheke - Logo
Bärenapotheke - Gutschein
Bärenapotheke - Treuebonuskarte
Bärenapotheke - Plakat
Bärenapotheke - Apotheker Ugur Bagli
Bärenapotheke - Umschlag
Bärenapotheke - BB
Bärenapotheke - Stempel
Bärenapotheke - Umschlag
Bärenapotheke - Raport
Bärenapotheke - Flyer
Bärenapotheke - Bären
Bärenapotheke - Raport
Bärenapotheke - Umschlag
Bärenapotheke - Gebkarte
Bärenapotheke - Flyer
Bärenapotheke - Aufkleber
Bärenapotheke - Anzeige
Bärenapotheke - Visitenkarte allgemein
Bärenapotheke - Toyota
Bärenapotheke - Auto
Bärenapotheke - Button
Bärenapotheke - Kugelschreiber