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Deutscher Agenturpreis

In times when achieving calm is becoming increasingly more of a luxury, acousticgroup’s acousticians and interior designers have successfully been facing the daily challenge of designing rooms that not only achieve the personal tastes and desires of their customers, but more particularly their acoustic needs.

Mailing for product presentation

With the mailing campaign, we have optimized the appearance of the acousticgroup. For the product presentation we have created and put together a package in which the sample materials are shipped. The presentation includes an information booklet and a personalized cover letter.

We were awarded with the Deutscher Agenturpreis 2019 in the category B2B / dialogue marketing. 

acousticgroup - Kartonage geschlossen
acousticgroup - Kartonage offen
acousticgroup - Flyer
acousticgroup - Flyer
acousticgroup - Briefbogen
acousticgroup - Visitenkarten
acousticgroup - Beklebung
acousticgroup - Auto
acousticgroup - Anhänger